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I Wrote a Book!

Both digital and paperback copies available here!

This novel took me two years to write, with my ideas for the story changing over time as I did. It is a fantasy/ cult horror about a race of werecats called Felin. 

I am proud to add my book to a genre that is in desperate need of more minority and queer authors and characters. I appreciate the support of anyone who decides to give my novel a try.

Take a peek:

Aurora has two selves- the bloodthirsty werecat, and the calculating human. She's in danger of losing both of them.

Aurora's world turns upside down when she wakes up in a hospital bed, her memory shrouded in mystery. Unbeknownst to her, she belongs to an ancient race of shapeshifters known as Felin, and her abilities have started to manifest in chaotic ways.

New to her life as a werecat and struggling to understand it, Aurora is reluctant to undertake any sort of responsibility. Yet every day more Felin are disappearing, and rumors of the cult in the woods get sharper and deadlier. When it is revealed that she is the only one who can solve the mystery, Aurora risks everything to save her kin.

Join Aurora on her adventure through a brutal world where shadows conceal secrets, alliances are forged in unexpected places, and the strength within one shapeshifter sparks a revolution that will redefine the destiny of the Felin.


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Hi, I'm Koi!

I'm an environmental project manager who decided to make a change from office life to to outdoor projects and small business ownership.

My goal is to help promote forward movement in outdoor spaces and live events towards full accessibility and diversity by giving everyone the inspiration and tools to create their own adventure.

I love self expression, hiking, music festivals, and Burning Man, and want to show that celebrating diversity in the outdoors makes it better for everyone.

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Looking for Locs?

A mobile loctician goes to folks' homes or meets them in a neutral location in order to do their hair. I travel far and wide to spread hair love to other dread heads! I do the crochet method, and can work with any hair texture, including straight and curly hair. Check out Dread King to learn more. 

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