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For collaboration inquires contact me at: or @queervagabond


What Can Queer Vagabond Offer You?

I've always wanted to write and travel as part of my lifestyle. But I’m not just a travel blogger, I’m a environmental project manager with four years of experience in organizing, email marketing, data analysis, accessibility and comms. This means I have a unique experience in multiple fields that applies directly to the outdoor event industry! 

I would love to collaborate with more festivals and LGBTQ+/POC friendly travel groups in order help create and promote their events.

I’m also actively looking for collaborations with camping and adventure brands as well as brands supporting black folks outdoors and lgbtq+ identities. I do my best to feature brands that are independent, responsible, ethical, or sustainable.

Groups I have worked with this year include Alma Burn, Lucidity, and Burning Man.

How to Collaborate!

Interested in collaborating for the blog? I welcome products for review, affiliate collaborations, events to review and opportunities to come up with interesting content together!

Want to find out more about how I could help your outdoor event behind the scenes? From logistics and administration to organizing and public speaking, I may be project manager to make your event happen. 

Want to write a guest blog?  I am excited to have diverse perspectives on queer life, travel, and outdoor events on the blog – if you’d be interested in writing a guest post, collaborating on one, or being interviewed,  then  let’s chat!

Contact me at:

Looking for Locs?

I have been a mobile loctician for four years- A mobile loctician goes to folks' homes or meets them in a neutral location in order to do their hair. This includes traveling to people far and wide, with the travel fee worked out between the loctician and the client. I originally took the risk to do an apprenticeship from an amazing loctician, and have loved it since. 


I do the crochet method, which means that I can work with clients who normally would normally struggle to find services with a traditional hair salon. I can work with any hair texture, including straight or curly hair, and I can work with people who are balding, need significant repairs, need to wash often or have other hair needs that cannot be addressed by twisting or interlocking. I'm excited to be a part of your dreadlock journey! 

Check out Dread King or my business website

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