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Freezer Burn Packing List

"The Eyes Have It" was the theme for 2024.

Freezer Burn Texas is an annual Central Texas regional arts event and community experiment inspired by Burning Man. Completely managed by volunteers, this event takes place at Valkyrie Ranch in Paige, Texas. While many scoff at the idea of an event in Texas being "too cold", the freezing temperature and strong winds are no joke. In order to enjoy Freezer Burn it is important to come prepared.

Generating Heat

  • Generator: Unlike some campgrounds, there are no power hook-ups at Valkrye Ranch. If you want power, share one with a friend or join a camp with a generator. Bring extension cords and a surge protector to ensure safety while using it.

  • Propane heater: When I asked around, the consensus was not to bring an electric heater. They pull too much power and are exceedingly dangerous if you have a tent made of man made materials. However, if you have a tent made from natural materials, a vehicle, or a trailer, a propane heater is great. For safety reasons, it is highly recommended that you get a carbon monoxide detector to go with it.

  • Electric blanket: For those with regular tents or car camping, electric blankets are a great way to get comfy. Many camps are happy to provide power for those who have lower power needs, or you could invest in a small generator. Be careful to check that the generator is safe for your blanket, and plug it into a surge protector so it doesn't get fried by the odd power surge.

  • Layered bedding: For those who camp in their car or tent without any heating elements, layering up can work surprisingly well. Using a sleeping pad under your sleeping bag not only provides cushioning but protects your body from the cold ground.

Tips to Stay Warm

  • Onesies: I saw so many onesies at Freezer Burn. Along with simply being fun, they are a great way to stay warm. I got my onesie from a thrifting camp at Burning Man 2023. While I love it, I won't be bringing it back to Freezer Burn. The buttons were difficult to wrangle apart with my cold fingers, and a stiff breeze was able to blow right through me. It is a good idea to invest in a onesie with a zipper and maybe even a butt flap, as well as quality fabric. You can size up if you want to add layers underneath or invest in thermal one-piece underwear to keep on under your clothes.

Freezer Burn

  • Fire pits: Warm up your hands and feet in front of a fire or heater before putting on socks and gloves. Extremities aren’t great at warming themselves up, and if you put gloves onto still-cold hands, this will just insulate the cold.

  • Body heat: Go to sleep with the next day's clothes in your sleeping bag or simply wear them to bed. This way you won't have to get dressed in the cold morning air. Be careful to leave the top of your sleeping bag open so you don't sweat too much.

  • Hand warmers: I'm not a fan of disposable hand warmers. As a single-use product, they generate waste that is bad for the environment. A rechargeable hand warmer does not expire and will eventually save you money over time. Some even double as power banks. Carrying one in your pocket when you don't have gloves or sleeping with one in your sleeping bag will help you stay warm throughout the event.

Packing List

Most Important

  • Ticket: print it out or take a screenshot in case you don't have service at the gate. Ensure the name on your ticket matches the name on your identification.

  • Government-issued identification: required at the gate, and by some bars.

  • Map: there are copies posted throughout the event, and volunteers designated to help give directions, but taking a look at the map before you arrive will ensure you know where you're going.

  • Cash for ice: I filled my cooler beforehand and it never defrosted. However, having cash on hand in the case of an emergency is still a good idea.


I ended up wearing the same two outfits the entire time and simply changing the decorative accessories I wore over them. However, when it comes to cold weather, it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

  • Clothes/accessories

  • Onesies and/or thermal underwear

  • Hats, beanies, ear warmers

  • Mittens/gloves

  • Scarves/ pashmina

  • Wind and waterproof clothing in case of rain

  • Coat

  • Light jacket

  • Sweatpants/warm pants

  • Sweaters

  • Wool socks

  • Tennis shoes, boots, waterproof shoes


  • Laundry bag to store dirty clothing

  • Shower stuff: camping shower, shoes, towel, etc. toiletries. You need to bring your shower or take a group shower with a camp providing it. The event is short enough (and so cold) that most people don't shower.

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, etc

  • Hair care products

  • Soap

  • Lotion, Sunscreen, and lip moisturizer

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Electrolytes

  • Prescription medication

  • Headache medication

  • First aid kit

  • Disposable gloves for medical care or to remove poison ivy from campsite

  • Tecnu spray/scrub/wipes (for poison ivy)

  • Ear plugs: I always bring Eargasm earplugs to concerts, festivals, and burns to protect my ears without dulling the music while dancing.

  • Condoms/ lube

  • Hand/foot/body warmers

  • A roll of toilet paper: I always keep a few squares in my fanny pack for when I inevitably get stuck in a porto without any paper. Ensure it is single ply, as anything thicker will clog the porto-potties during cleaning.

  • Pee funnel for those with vaginas. (I still can't get the hang of it, but some people love them)


  • Headlamp

  • Solar charger or other power source: I like to use a Jackery power station

  • Batteries: check to ensure you have the right kind of batteries for all of your devices.

  • Tent or other shelter

  • Stakes: either the thick, 10-inch stakes or the twisted aluminum ones. The 5-inch metal ones that come standard with tents do not work in the wet, sandy ground.

  • Hammer or mallet

  • Tarp to use as a tent footprint or other needs

  • Mechanics gloves

  • Extension cords and power strip (If there’s a generator)

  • Solar tent light

  • Broom/dustpan

  • Decorative lights for campsite and body

  • Sheets: can also have multiple uses.

  • Low-rated sleeping bag

  • Camping pillow or normal pillow

  • Camping pad or mattress

  • Sleeping bad

  • Extra blankets

  • Camp chairs

Food and Cleaning

  • Collapsible drink cup or cup with a carabiner

  • Food and seasonings

  • Water - two gallons per person per day

  • Plate, bowl, utensils

  • Water bottle

  • Food containers

  • Pot, pans, spatula, etc

  • Grill, burner, or camping stove

  • Trash bags

  • Reusable sandwich bags

  • Dish soap

  • Camping sink

  • Grey water container

  • Folding table


  • Pen/paper: I always keep a small journal on me to write down my thoughts.

  • Book, board games, cards or other campsite entertainment

  • Organizing containers- I like to have a few to keep gifts and small items in to stop me from losing them later.

  • Day bag: I often keep a small backpack or fanny pack on me to hold my water bottle, cup, and other items when I'm away from camp.

  • Lights: Though Freezer Burn is relatively small, having lights to decorate your camp and wear on your body are still helpful to find your way and be seen at night.

Freezer Burn might be smaller than many regional burns, but it is full of creativity and presents a unique challenge due to the time of year it occurs. Lean into the principle of self-reliance by packing everything you need, but if you find you forget something there will be plenty of people willing to help. Stay safe and have fun!



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